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Learn About Sri Japji Sahib:

Punjabi Katha - Understanding Japji Sahib (Part 4 - Salok) 33-21 screenshot.png

Japji Sahib English Katha & Kirtan

This playlist goes through the entire Sri Jap Ji Sahib, the very first Bani in Sri Guru Granth Sahib and the first prayer Sikhs read in the morning. We'll be trying understand it in English and singing Gurbani kirtan to help explain further.

Sri Japji Sahib Interactive Course

Watch this playlist of our brand new interactive ‘Basics of Japji Sahib’ course. Over the weeks, our speakers have covered the deeper meanings behind each Pauri (line) and share Sakhi’s (stories) illustrating the greatness of Sri Japji Sahib.

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Sri Japji Sahib Katha Week 37 30-15 scre

(Audio Playlist) Sri Jap Ji Sahib
English Katha

In this 40 part English Katha Series - The first Bani of our daily Nitnem; Sri Jap Ji Sahib, is explained step by step in English by Bhai Sukhraj Singh Ji and Bhai Tarjinder Singh ji of Sikh 2 Inspire.

Japji Sahib Podcast with Bhai Baljit Singh

Through taking on the wisdom of Japji Sahib, you can realise your true self. In each podcast, Bhai Baljit Singh explores one pauri at a time in a friendly discussion format, using very relatable and real life examples to learn from.

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Recite Along!

Read the meanings of Sri Japji Sahib:

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